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Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is where someone is the field of medicine makes a bad error or judgment. For instance a doctor diagnoses a simple cough or cold infection when actually the correct diagnosis is pneumonia. The patient then goes away with the wrong prescription and possible gets worse until they are critically ill. Other types of medical negligence is where the wrong medicine is prescribed which has a detrimental affect.

When medical negligence occurs it is a very frightening experience. When you visit a medical professional you expect a professional service. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Doctors and nurses see hundreds of patients and like anyone in any profession mistakes can happen and they do. Obviously with the medical profession one minor accident could result in a very serious situation even death. There have been cases where an operation was carried out on the wrong patient. Other cases are when the wrong dose of medicine is given or the wrong medicine all together.

It is every persons legal and civil right to claim damages when medical negligence occurs. Your pain and suffering and loss of income should not be ignored. You are entitled to claim back all of the expenses that you incurred due to this accident. If you were ill for a long period of time and missed work because of medical negligence then you should be compensated for this.

Unfortunately medical negligence is more common than people realize. Professional medics work long hours and have a very stressful working like. With hospitals resources stretched to the max it is not surprising that these professional make the occasional mistake with all the pressure they are under. That is not to say that these mistakes should be ignored, far from it. It is very important that any accident be it medical or not is reported and a claim brought against the party at fault. If these types of accidents were kept quiet without having the legal system involved for to claim damages, medical practices would be un aware and not make any changes in order to stop a similar mistake happening again. This is why is is very important to report any from of medical malpractice.

A good experienced accident claim lawyer will have dealt with medical malpractice and understand the seriousness of these cases. Most lawyers work on a "no win no fee" basis for personal injury cases which gives you the piece of mind that filing a case will not cost you a single penny. With no win no fee the legal fees are paid at the end of the claim. If you win your medical negligence claim your lawyers will be paid by the insurers of the medical practice, hospital or whoever. This is also true of any out of pocket expenses that may of occurred since the accident. You will receive 100% of the damages without any deductions. If for whatever reason you lose you medical negligence claim there is an "after the event" insurance to cover all your legal fees and expenses.

So there really is nothing to lose. You should make every effort to ensure that your accident is compensated. It really is a simple process. All it takes is finding a good accident claim solicitors and they will do all the work for you. Medical negligence is a serious problem that needs to be eliminated. We all need the reassurance that when we visit so called "professionals" we get the correct diagnosis and treatment. We all pay national insurance and this covers our medical needs. We should expect the best treatment so when on occasions it does go wrong we should expect to be compensated.

Most Accident claim companies use Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA) which means anyone with can get free legal help for accident compensation. Once you sign a "No Win No Fee" agreement your lawyer is effectively working for nothing until after the case when the lawyer will have his or her fees paid for by the losing party's insurers.

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